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Sorry if this is the second time you’re seeing this- Tumblr really doesn’t like my long comics so I reformatted this into janky pages.

Some of you may remember this comic from last winter.

A few days ago, I got an email from the survey people, SNAAP, talking about their findings.  I skimmed it.  I felt like I had already said what I needed to say on the subject, and didn’t really want to get all worked up about it again.

But then I just saw this article:  http://mic.com/articles/101758/good-news-art-students-your-degree-is-actually-paying-off

One choice quote says “SNAAP argues that arts graduates have actually “found meaningful employment, are satisfied with their lives, and are pleased that they chose to go to an arts school.” In fact, they’re “among the happiest professionals in the US.”

I don’t want to argue any of this.  If you are a happy, well-employed, financially secure and satisfied designer, I am so so  happy for you, not to mention jealous.

HOWEVER.  As a person who TOOK said survey: there were no questions about any of this.  I was not asked about finding meaning, I was not asked about happiness, I was not asked about my pleased-ness.  I was asked carefully phrased questions that generated all the right responses, while cleverly AVOIDING all of these hot topics.

I’m love my work.  I’m so glad I went to RISD.  I’m also broke, stressed, depressed, and underemployed.  And yet, statistically, I am one of the pleased and satisfied customers, according to SNAAP. 

I’m disappointed and annoyed by this.

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“In her head, she can’t see why he wants to be with her - he should be with a skinnier girl or a prettier one. And this poor boy has no idea what’s going on: he just loves her and wants to be with her.”

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signs secret abilities
  • aries: can write rlly cute poems
  • taurus: amazing at putting together ikea furniture 
  • gemini: best mac and cheese maker around
  • cancer: can decorate cakes really good
  • leo: photoshop expert
  • virgo: can memorize song lyrics in a flash
  • libra: great at finding four leaf clovers
  • scorpio: super good with makeup
  • sagittarius: can take really pretty photos
  • capricorn: expert tree climber
  • aquarius: awesome at giving speeches
  • pisces:  can beat any and every video game

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"I’m bringing leaves to my friend!"


"I’m bringing leaves to my friend!"

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anyone who says cats are the only assholes has clearly never owned a dog

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1950s Rudolf Black tulle Cocktail Dress with rhinestone/star studded bodice and skirt  (via)

u deserve this dress

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"The Big Comfy Couch" Halloween Costumes


"The Big Comfy Couch" Halloween Costumes

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